2020 Festival Fashion Trends

2020 Festival Fashion Trends

With the holiday season upon us, and 2019 coming to an end, we’re already looking at our 2020 calendar. We’ve checked off the dates of our favorite festivals, plus some new raves on our bucket list, and now’s the time to start planning. Besides knowing what to bring to a festival, one of the most important parts—the most important to some people—of the process is also the most fun: picking your outfit!


If you have no sense for fashion, or are simply looking for new ideas, try out these trends we predict will be seen next year.



This classic pattern will be coming in strong come 2020. The best part about it? You can mix and match any color and accessories to make it unique to your own personal style!


Glitter Pits

We know, this trend is odd. Surprising. Weird. But also…kind of awesome?


Color Splash: Neon



From nails to hair to clothing, neon is a huge modern fashion trend. Bringing this trend into festival fashion has yielded some great looks already, so we can’t wait to see what 2020 brings!


Matching, Matching, Matching


When you hear monochromatic, you may immediately think boring. However, when it comes to festival fashion, picking one color or pattern to build a look around can create a beautifully harmonious masterpiece.


Shine + Glow

The last new trend for 2020 is the shine and glow! You’re sure not to be missed in one of these outfits. From glowing in the sun, to shining in the light with reflective pieces, this trend is one of the most eye-catching and fun to wear.


Neon + Shine


Checkers + Neon

Matching + Neon


Some of these trends are becoming so popular that they’re combining to form one great new festival look. As you can tell from the above photos, neon is one of the most popular trends that’s sure to continue in 2020. Here, you have a neon and shine mashup, neon and checkers outfit, and a matching neon fit.

If you’re looking for a great festival fashion accessory, look no further than our fanny packs! They come in black to match any outfit, or a bright pink to bring a pop of color. Check out our Brand Ambassador sporting a fanny pack and tell us you don’t want to give it a try too.


Which of these trends are you going to make your own in 2020?