Do you have the right (monkey) stuff?

What feels better than drinking the Monkey? Drinking the Monkey with a pocketful of Monkey money!


Start earning by joining the MonkeyStuff Ambassador Program as an Ambassador or Affiliate!


We’ll send you content for your social media, including swag, photos, video, and more. All you have to do is meet the (very easy) requirements below and we’ll help with the rest:


  1. You must have a working website, blog and/or media presence (on at least one of the major social media platforms—Instagram, Facebook or Twitter—with at least 1,000 followers).
  2. You must be committed to actively engaging in MonkeyStuff promotions and/or events.
  3. You must be willing to present yourself as the face of the brand—on social media and in real life.

MonkeyStuff Ambassadors Program FAQs


Does the program requires any initial investment?


The answer is no! We will provide you with the assets you need to be a successful MonkeyStuff Ambassador. We will supply you with the coolest MonkeyStuff merchandise—to make your life easier and your posts even more attractive to your followers!


Do I need to carry my own inventory?


No! MonkeyStuff Ambassador sales are driven from www.themonkeystuff.com. MonkeyStuff will ship all products and handle all returns (if any!).


Our first-class customer service team will reply to your all of your questions and needs. We will also answer all of the questions that your followers/referrals ask. Simply refer people to our website and we will take care of the rest!


Do you offer special discount prices to Ambassadors?


Your ambassador link offers free shipping for any MonkeyStuff product purchased through our direct channel.


Our amazing Ambassadors Team is also continually exploring new contests and promotions that will be communicated via our MonkeyStuff Ambassadors Program newsletter.


Where do I go for my link, code, social media content and banners?


Once you become an approved MonkeyStuff Ambassador, you can visit the affiliate portal.


How much can I earn as an ambassador?


As a MonkeyStuff Ambassador you will have unlimited earning potential. Currently our program offers commission starting at 8%.


Where can I view and track my sales?


As an Ambassador you will have access to your own MonkeyStuff Ambassadors account. The dashboard provides real-time sales tracking. So you can check your sales progress at any time! By applying, you agree to our Ambassador Terms & Service.