Alternative Ways to Ring-In 2021

Alternative Ways to Ring-In 2021

This year the ball will drop in NYC to an empty Times Square as the pandemic is still raining on everyone’s parade – literally and figuratively. Yet the entire world is thrilled to see 2020 go, so that deserves some bit of celebration, right?

Of course! NYE celebrations can go on with a few tweaks so that a year from now we are filling our social feeds with photos of ourselves partying with friends. So here are a few ideas for welcoming 2021 with joy and fun.

By now, you might be a little “Zoom Fatigued,” but the popular platform is still a great way to get to see and talk to a whole bunch of your friends at once. But don’t be lame. Instead, challenge everyone to make a “signature cocktail” and then teach everyone else how to make it. Share an ingredient list ahead of time so that all in attendance can make all the drinks and take turns making each other’s cocktails. Depending on how many are in your Zoom party, you could be feeling no pain!

If mixology isn’t your thing, buy several different types of your favorite adult beverage and do a tasting. Whether it’s vodka, champagne, or whiskey, you can create a “flight” of different ones and decide just which is your favorite. You can include Zoom “guests” or keep it to your small group at home.

Whether you enjoy cooking or would rather order-in, make sure your food is on point. Embrace a theme such as “New Year’s in Paris,” or “Let Them Eat Cake!” or have breakfast for dinner. Make decadent, delicious food selections, and feed your soul as the clock strikes midnight.

Naturally, whatever you do, you’ll need a backdrop for social – pics or it didn’t happen! Make a festive backdrop in your home with some party store glam and some balloons, and you’re good to go. Treat it like a photo booth and get silly for your digital family. Be sure to get some props and get dressed for the occasion!

If you are able to invite friends over, have them bring their pajamas. No one should really be driving around after midnight anyway (plus, curfews!), so make it a pajama party! Drink all you want, stay up late, watch movies, play games. Of course, you can stick to only those in your household, but make a plan and have a few surprises up your flannel sleeve!

Finally, if you are missing the IRL ball drop, Giggles Galore has created a tutorial for making your own. With just 30 minutes and a trip to the local craft store, you can make your own glittering ball to drop in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Happy New Year!