Ginger, the Miracle Spice

Ginger, the Miracle Spice

What’s life without a little bit of fun?

The truth is, sometimes that fun involves copious amounts of adult beverages. Unfortunately, these beverages can leave you battling bouts of nausea and other aches.

That’s pretty much the opposite of fun…

The Health Benefits of Ginger

That’s why we’ve included ginger in our drink, a natural anti-emetic. That’s a fancy way of saying that this drink will help fight your nausea.

Just one more reason why it’s ideal for festival going, and ideal for adult beverage enthusiasts!

In fact, ginger has been used to combat seasickness for a long, long time now. But that’s not all for the health benefits of ginger.

It’s also been used to decrease muscle pain, menstrual pain, soreness, and inflammation. Some research suggests it can lower the blood sugar of diabetics and help prevent some of the risk factors of heart disease.

You want to know what else? In one study, it also helped lower the bad cholesterol in individuals suffering from high cholesterol.

Furthermore, because ginger can help individuals empty their stomachs quicker, it can also aid in reducing painful indigestion.

The spice can also be effective against infections; especially those of the gums.

The Spread of Ginger

So, where does this miracle spice come from?

Ginger is an ancient spice that hails from China. It began its spread into the Mediterranean region around the 1st century.

It had reached around Europe and North America by the 1600s. Unsurprisingly, its use would grow popular around the entire world.

Ginger wasn’t only used as a medicine—the stuff is also pretty delicious. It’s used to flavor a range of dishes and drinks. You can now find it in beer, stir fry, candies, and more. In Japan, it’s also used as a palate cleanser.

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