Heading Home for Thanksgiving? Pack MonkeyStuff!

Heading Home for Thanksgiving? Pack MonkeyStuff!

Sure, when people talk about Thanksgiving, the food seems to get top billing. By now there must be at least a thousand ways to cook a turkey! But the star of the weekend should really be the celebrations and the fact we get to see people we haven’t seen in a while.

Call it “Whiskey Wednesday,” or “Drinksgiving,” but the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is often reserved for going out big in celebration of the long weekend ahead and the fact that we don’t have to work the next morning. Actually, in some cities “Blackout Wednesday” has become the biggest drinking nights of the year, surpassing St. Patrick’s Day!

How did this “eve” become such a big deal? Four main reasons:

First, with all the focus on the big meal, no one is really up for cooking or hosting on the night before the big party. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving also happens to be one of the biggest pizza delivery days of the year for that same reason. It ranks third after the Superbowl and New Year’s Day.

Second, as already noted, most people don’t have to work on Thursday in the U.S., and many have Friday off too (or take it as a vacation day). Further, many companies let employees out of work early on Wednesday since it’s such a big travel (and traffic!) day as well. So really, Wednesday marks the beginning of a 4-day weekend!

Third, people are gathering with those they haven’t seen in a while. Whether seeing high school friends or just inviting family, this is a special occasion where we get to reconnect with people and celebrate our lives. Cheers!

Finally, it turns out that the Thanksgiving meal is full of foods that help you recover from over-indulging the night before! Rich, fatty foods and starches plus a socially-acceptable nap is perfect for bouncing back from too many shots the night before. By Friday you’ll be ready to go again!

Whether you are a college student headed home, or a professional celebrating with friends, “Wacky Wednesday” (yes, it has a LOT of names!) is likely to be a big night. But if you have to get up the next day to head to grandmother’s house, be sure you feel up to it in the morning! Stay hydrated, be sure to eat and, of course, drink Monkey Stuff! And PLEASE, do NOT drink and drive! Hop into a car service as the police know about this holiday too!