Healthy Living for Weekend Warriors

Healthy Living for Weekend Warriors


If you’re a weekend warrior, saving it all up for the weekend, then you are likely holding it together for your nine to five, then letting loose when Friday night hits.

According to the Urban Dictionary, a weekend warrior “plans epic weekend adventures … As much variation and quantity of awesomeness is packed into the weekends as physically possible, warranting the rest of the workweek to recharge for the next weekend.”

For a few of you, this means a weekend of parties. For most, it may mean a Tough Mudder, a sports tournament, or some other epic physical adventure. No matter what gets you up before the alarm on Saturday morning, you have to be physically ready to tackle your plans.

First, let’s solidify how being a weekend warrior is healthy living. It turns out that researchers agree, doing something physical on the weekends has the same longterm benefits as regular exercise throughout the week. Longer lifespans, lower cholesterol, improved heart-rates, and improved sleep are all benefits of making sure you get your exercise – even if just crammed into two days each week.

When it comes to fueling-up for the weekend, here are five strategies for making sure you make it to the finish line.


  1. Stay hydrated. You lose more water through exercise than your brain realizes, so keep the water and water-rich fruits coming throughout the day.


  1. Keep it lean and green. Consume lean proteins, whole grains, fruits, and healthy veggies to create a lasting fuel source for your adventures. Plus, this will help keep the pounds off, making it easier to keep up!


  1. Wear the gear. Don’t skimp on footwear or other gear your sport requires – you’ll only set yourself up for injuries. Instead, invest in your physical health from shoes to layers to ensure you’re taking care of your body.


  1. Keep it loose. Sneak in some stretching before you get started and also during the week to prevent injuries. Even ten minutes during the week can set you up for success on the weekend.


  1. Know your limits. Getting out only on the weekends could put you at a disadvantage to those who live in the gym during the week. Know when to say when and protect your health.


Work Hard, Play Hard

So if you know your body is going to work hard, then you probably also expect to play hard, right? Of course! Sometimes the best part of an adventure is the time spent with friends and in the community of other warriors. It’s no coincidence that some of the same tips for keeping you going by day will also help you by night. Stay hydrated and eat well! Your body needs good fuel and plenty of water to recover from the day and keep you going throughout the night.

So don’t let the fear of a Sunday morning headache stop you from living it up on Saturday night! Besides water, add Monkey Stuff, which is a darn good party compliment —jam-packed with antioxidants, juice, and Vitamin C.