Our Story

Once upon a time…

…in a tropical land, far, far away (OK, let’s be honest, it was South Beach, Miami) …our fearless leader, Mikey the Monkey, was, well, in his natural habitat—a party—when a guy said, “Hey, Mikey! Did you know I read that if you drink the right mix of juices you will be pain free?”

Then, the guy and Mikey drank literally every juice they could find at the bar, right along with their shots of vodka. (We know, sounds crazy, right?)

But you know what? The next day was pretty much best day of Mikey’s life. He felt very strong. Like monkey!

That’s when Mikey made it his mission to create the perfect party concoction. So he could, you know, get his booze on in a very responsible, yet guilt-free, way.

And the rest is history…

Zero Calories

None at all! No need to worry about consuming anything you don't need.

No Added Sugar

We have enough sugar in our lives, we don't need more!

Made In USA

Designed, manufactured and consumed right here in the USA!