Outside Events – During Winter

Outside Events – During Winter

With cold temps outside, and people still hunkering down inside, we’re all getting a bit stir crazy. You may think that outside, socially-distanced gatherings are relegated to warmer months. Still, there are plenty of COVID-safe activities for families and friends who long to spend time together.


If you have an outdoor space with room for a fire pit, you can gather warmly around the blaze, toasting marshmallows, swapping stories, and showing off your new Bernie-inspired mittens. No need to wait for nightfall–especially if you’re watching kids and dogs play in the snow, building snow-people, or reviving from a snowball fight.


Cold weather also inspires hot chocolate memories. While classic cocoa powder invites nostalgia, consider upping your game with a hot chocolate bar. Go beyond mini-marshmallows and add peppermint sticks, gourmet chocolate, toffee bits, and sea salt to your spread while creating new memories.


If your group is staying through the evening, create an outdoor movie night with a portable screen and projector or a large screen TV temporarily relocated. Bring out the popcorn and traditional movie snacks along with piles of blankets and snuggle-in.


Depending on your winter temps – and your heartiness – backyard camping with your “pod” is an adventure with the fallback of a heated bathroom and hot morning coffee. Pile up all the blankets, grab the flashlights, and charge your devices as you set up camp for the night under the winter sky.


If you’re looking for exercise beyond the treadmill or YouTube exercise videos, then don your warmest coat and go for a long walk. If your own neighborhood doesn’t entice you, drive to a park for a change of scenery – just be sure to bring your mask. If you are a dog “parent,” your four-legged friends will thank you.


There are plenty of winter sports where you can maintain your health and safety. Check out your local ice rink guidelines or research if local areas are sled-worthy for your group. Many parks are open for events and sports so long as state and local guidelines are followed–so be sure to do your homework before heading out!


If you’re packing a picnic or adult beverages, be sure to check with local laws to ensure your celebration goes on without interruption. Be sure to pack your masks and hand sanitizer along with layers of cold-weather gear.