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MonkeyStuff is an antioxidant drink tastes like fruit punch (‘cause it is fruit, packed with a punch!). It hydrates the body as it works to prevent headaches, nausea and sore throat.


  • Zero added sugar
  • Zero calories
  • Gluten-free
  • Lactose-free
  • Caffeine-free
  • Carbs-free


MonkeyStuff doesn’t require refrigeration and you can consume it with alcohol. What else can you ask for?


Extra bonus: It has zero calories!


Key Ingredients:

What kind of drink would this be if it didn’t take care of that booze cruise nausea? Antiemetic properties, found in ginger is the ingredient dreams are made of: they make you not want to throw up the day after. In traditional Chinese medicine, people mixed ginger root with brown sugar and tangerine (uh, yum!) before a night of drinking. So, we took a page out of their book. And guess what? #NoRegrets.


To hear something is “inflamed” is kind of a scary concept. Like, something literally fired up and angry at you. Worst of all? Your body gets inflamed when you drink a few too many. That’s why we include white willow bark, known for anti-inflammatory properties, which totes KNOCK OUT the effects of ethanol and its metabolites.


Concentrate that juice until it packs a bunch in the booze gut! All that fructose-y sugary goodness can help metabolize alcohol at hyperspeed, meaning, it gets out of your system faster. On top of that, this deliciousness can stave off the headache in the morning because your body’s PH gets more alkaline. Translated into English: alkaline + alcohol = no bad feels.


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6 reviews for MonkeyStuff

  1. Corrie

    I’m surprised to say it but this stuff actually works! I hadn’t had enough water to drink that day and had 2 glasses of wine. I drank some MonkeyStuff and went to bed. I woke up completely headache free! A rare occurrence for me. Thank you, MonkeyStuff for this product!

  2. James

    Monkey Stuff works great for those nights you decide to have an extra drink or two but still need be up for that 8am meeting the next morning. No hangover! Love it!

  3. Eric K

    I love this product! As someone who often doesn’t believe in these types of “elixirs,” I was rather skeptical. Trust me when I say that I was very surprised about the results. I felt so much more refreshed the next morning and the flavor was fantastic as well! I highly recommend that you keep a stash of Monkey Stuff with you at all times!

  4. Mix with Marie

    This would be the perfect product for you if you’re going to have a fun night but don’t want to have a hangover then next day. Drink it before you start drinking, during, and after. The flavor is amazing too!

  5. Casey Xuereb, @citygalcocktails

    I had some Monkey Stuff after a night of drinking and felt so fresh in the morning! Can’t wait to try it out in a tiki drink!

  6. James Y

    Yummy and good for you! Very refreshing and I felt more energized after drinking it. I highly recommend it!

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