The Science Behind MonkeyStuff

The Science Behind MonkeyStuff

When it comes to creating a super-hydration drink, MonkeyStuff has both science and nature on its side. You may love us as a drink mixer or even a healthy fruity drink, but MonkeyStuff is also jam-packed with antioxidants, juice, and Vitamin C.


But wait, there’s more!

When we were creating MonkeyStuff, we looked to science for the answers to how to create a drink with real benefits – to combat the after-effects of drinking. What is the body telling us? What do we need to combat, or even eliminate, that day-after crappy feeling?

So we did our homework, talked to the smartest people, and while there is still a surprising amount of research still happening, there are a few things science agrees on.

The main cause of the day-after blahs is ethanol, a nasty chemical that gets released by the alcohol you drink. Ethanol can also power a car, so we knew we had to get that stuff flushed out for sure! Ethanol is toxic, so it works as a diuretic, which is smart if you’re the body trying to get rid of something – you just pee it out. However, all that potty-time makes you dehydrated, which means all this stuff you just put into your body can’t get out. Cue that crappy morning after feeling.

According to one study, the after-effects of drinking seem to go together with elevated cytokines. A team of researchers noticed that bad feeling the morning after is usually paired with elevated levels of cytokines, which signal the immune system, which in turn causes inflammation. This then creates headaches, chills, fatigue, nausea, upset stomach, and even memory issues. We knew we had to address all of that!


Then we searched for better ingredients

Armed with that knowledge, we could have gone all-in with fake ingredients, chemicals, and made-up sweeteners, but we didn’t. Instead, we sought out real food and plants that have the properties we needed. Turns out, nature held all the answers we needed!

To get rid of that, “I don’t feel so good” stomach situation, we pulled up the Ginger root. Ginger is a known stomach-calmer-downer, and it also tastes great. In traditional Chinese medicine, people mixed ginger root with brown sugar and tangerine (uh, yum!) before a night of drinking. We were all in!

To combat your body’s inflamed response from drinking a few too many, we reached for White Willow Bark (also called “nature’s aspirin” – hello!) heralded for its anti-inflammatory magic. Science is learning how inflammation can really do a number on your body, so we knew we needed to knock that stuff down. White Willow Bark does by taking out the effects of ethanol and its metabolites like a prizefighter!

One thing you want to do is get the alcohol metabolized and out of your body as fast as possible so you can get back to feeling normal again and stave off that next-day headache. Lime concentrate helps metabolize the alcohol in your gut at hyperspeed, meaning, it gets out of your system faster. Lime also makes your body more alkaline (that’s a PH thing), which is what works on headaches. Oh, and it’s also packed with Vitamin C! Who knew that green garnish could be so powerful?!


The cherry on top

Finally, we came up with a formula that didn’t need any added sugar to mask some weird taste, nor did our invention require you to “get used to it.” No! Why would you want to willingly drink – and spend money on – something that tastes terrible?

Not only did all of our research and natural ingredients combine to make MonkeyStuff super effective, but it also tastes amazing with ZERO calories and NO added sugar! We then decided to stay local and make MonkeyStuff right here in the USA, providing jobs and reducing shipping costs so we could invest in quality.

We know you’ll agree, we made the right choices to create a drink that does what it claims AND tastes amazing! Try MonkeyStuff the next time you go out and let us know what you think!