Tips For Surviving the Holidays

Tips For Surviving the Holidays

Many of us sail into the holidays with equal parts excitement and trepidation! We are traveling, seeing people we may not see regularly, and being pulled in many directions. For some of us, the celebrations happen night after night between family and friends. We need a vacation from our vacation!

No matter what type of holiday awaits, we’ve assembled a few tips to get you through this season, smiling like Santa!

Eat Well, Talk a Walk

Of course, you’ll be eating and drinking this season, but it may not be as healthy as your usual habits. No doubt, there will be more carbs on any table than you’re likely to see the entire month of January! And each evening, the festivities will start earlier and earlier, stretching well into the night. So it’s going to take a major effort to ensure you are getting in some vegetables that don’t come from a casserole dish or are smothered in cheese. Try to eat healthier – and lighter – during the day when you know you may overindulge that evening.


Exercise habits also tend to go out the window when you are away from home or are hosting a houseful of guests. Make time to do something physical every day, even if you just go for a walk around the block! You could also try out the local gym or fitness class, even using the time to connect with a friend with a membership! Movement aids digestion, plus you’ll have the added benefit of some quiet time!


Go It Alone

Speaking of quiet time, it helps to steal some alone time to clear your head and reset. Take a walk, offer to make a Starbucks run, pick up last-minute items at the store, or just listening to music – anything to bring forward some of your personal daily rituals. You’ll likely also want some one-on-one time with friends or relatives you adore but don’t get to see throughout the year, so make it a point to sneak away.


Drink Up

Yes, there are beverages everywhere! But you can become dehydrated if you only live on coffee and eggnog. Opt for good old fashioned H2O to keep you hydrated and support your stomach process all those carbs and cheese! Foods like cucumbers and avocados can support hydration too, so make good choices whenever you can. When you’re out with friends, be sure you’re adding in water not only so you can go longer, but so you can recover faster the next morning!


Embrace Your Inner Tourist

Even if you’re going home for the holidays, you can find time to do something new while visiting – or at least something you haven’t done in a while. Take a group to see a tourist attraction, head to a show, or just drive around looking at Christmas lights. After all, there are only so many hours you can all sit around the living room! Take the initiative to plan some activities for the gang.


Share Your Stash

Consider packing healthy food and beverages for the trip so that you have some of your favorite foods and can stick to your health goals. Offer to plan a menu one of the nights in order to include some healthier foods. Be sure to pack your MonkeyStuff to ensure you are able to enjoy the holiday fun while still getting in your vitamins! Who knows, maybe you’ll get your family hooked on a new drink!