Virtual Happy Hour

Virtual Happy Hour

Virtual happy hours are not new; in fact, they became a hallmark of 2020 and pandemic quarantines. Though we are relegated to our homes, we are still social creatures who deeply miss gathering with friends and family to raise a glass (or several).


If you’re running out of enthusiasm for the Zoom happy hour but still want to drink with friends, we have a few ideas on how you can spice up your screen time and genuinely connect with those you miss.


Thinking back to “MTV Cribs”–a camera crew would follow a celeb around their home as they point out everything from the fancy to the mundane. To give it a pandemic twist, choose a couple of people to give house tours. Starting at their front door and ending with the big reveal of what’s in their fridge. Bonus points for dressing up for the show and over-the-top storytelling. 


If you’re missing artisan cocktails and creative drinks, then assign a few attendees to teach everyone how to make a fancy cocktail. The designated mixologists will have to provide ingredients ahead of time (and any special utensils) so the group can follow along. Everyone tries their hand at recreating the special drinks, and you can even go so far as to vote for a winner.


Broaden everyone’s exposure to different types of beer, wine or spirits with a virtual tasting. There are many variations, but you can keep it simple by having various attendees review their flights. For instance, one person can sample and review mezcals, another local beers, and another a section of red wines under ten bucks. You’ll have fun and get tips on new brands to try!


Many games work well over Zoom, including charades, Bingo, and trivia–just to name a few. It’s fun to designate an emcee to keep the party running or customize games to be more relevant to your group. Drinking with family? Try a family trivia game and see what everyone remembers about your great-great-grandmother. Are you all work friends? Maybe a work Bingo board will make swapping stories more fun.


Music lovers may enjoy a rowdy game of “Name that Tune”–where attendees guess the song being played. Music enthusiasts will relish in uncovering obscure songs or ones that remind everyone of shared memories.


No matter what you choose, spend some time organizing the evening in advance so that all attention can be on the fun instead of organizing during the evening. Have food, drinks and a really great Zoom background ready to go once your happy hour is ready to begin.