What To Pack For Your First Music Festival

What To Pack For Your First Music Festival

You’ve found out one of your favorite bands is headlining a music festival and the rest of the lineup looks sick. You then buy your ticket and enlist a few friends to join you. You all obsess over your outfits and plan what acts you want to see. You’ve also figured out your transportation and other accommodations. You don’t think you’ve forgotten anything, but this is your first music festival and in all your excitement you haven’t given much thought on what to pack!

Follow our tips for packing for your first music festival and we promise you won’t leave anything behind.

It may seem pretty obvious, but the most important thing for you to remember is your ticket! Imagine getting to the venue and not gaining entry because you forgot what you paid a good chunk of money for. Save yourself the hassle of a printed ticket and see if a mobile ticket is an option.

You may be bringing most of what you’ll need with you, but you’ll probably have to shell out some money as well. Bring cash (and a safe way to protect it) to buy water, extra food, or any merch you might want.

Keep yourself updated on the changing weather conditions on the dates of your festival. You may need to pack a raincoat. If the temperature drops a large amount, you may need to rethink your outfit for a cooler climate.

Stay Connected
Portable chargers. The saviors of our generation. This is an optional item, but we also think it’s essential, especially if you’re going to a festival where you’re camping overnight. You’ll want to have your cell’s battery charged so you can take photos with your friends and the event, but most importantly to contact your buddies if you lose each other in the crowds. A lot of festivals also have their own app, where you can keep track of any updates, set times, maps, and more.

Travel In Style
You’ll need a backpack and/or fanny pack for your belongings. Our MonkeyStuff fanny packs are perfect for your essentials and extras! You can fit a charger, ear plugs if you need a break from the crowd, hand sanitizer, glasses/sunglasses, chapstick, makeup, or hair ties, gum, OTC pain reliever, and even water bottles—remember, it’s important to stay hydrated during any festival or concert.

Comfort & Health
If you’re one of those people that mosquitoes find particularly attractive, bug spray may be your best friend at your festival. There might be nothing more annoying than being distracted by tens of bites during your first festival experiences. Another essential item to protect yourself is sunscreen. Whether or not you burn easily, being outside for long periods of time is especially dangerous for your skin if you’re not protecting it. If you’re prescribed medication and it’s safe for you to take during your event, don’t skip out and endanger your health.

To keep yourself as clean as possible for a multi-day festival, bring travel size bottles of shampoo/conditioner, soap, and any other supplies that will make your weekend go smoother. A towel with be helpful with cleaning yourself, but also for wiping sweat off throughout the day. Another easy option is wet wipes! These can be used for many purposes and come in travel sizes. Don’t let feeling extremely dirty hinder your fun.

We recommend bringing extra clothes, even if you’re attending a festival for one day. You should be able to easily fit an extra tank and/or shorts just in case you need it. This is a cheaper option than having to buy clothes at the event.

We mentioned some other extras above that you can fit in our fanny packs, but if you have a backpack you could fit even more. Some ravers have found an extra pair of shoes and socks can help with sore feet from walking and standing all day. If it’s a particularly hot weekend, think about bringing a foot powder to save your feet from any chafing and pools of sweat. Another item that a lot of festival-goers find useful is bandanas. Not only for aesthetic purposes, bandanas can help protect you from dust/sand if you’re event has that problem.

Depending on the festival you’re attending and how long you’ll be there, the needs of your festival pack may vary. Think about your time at the festival and everything you want to do, and if it requires anything we haven’t mentioned, add it to your list. Ask friends who’ve gone to a festival before what they wish they had brought. Think about what will make your comfortable so you can enjoy your first music festival.