5 Reasons Why White Willow Bark Rocks

5 Reasons Why White Willow Bark Rocks

We all like to party!

And who knows that better than us here at MonkeyStuff?

That’s why we like to get right back on our feet after an all-nighter … and we don’t mean studying.

Unfortunately for all of us, when we drink a few too many drinks our body becomes inflamed, which leads to the day-after scarries. And ain’t nobody got time for that! That’s why we put white willow bark MonkeyStuff … to knock those side-effects right out!

What the heck is it? Well, the first recorded use of white willow bark dated back about 4,000 years ago to the Sumerians who recorded it on clay tablets as pain relievers. Ancient Mesopotamians would extract the medicine from willow trees to treat fever, pain and inflammation.

Despite its long history, it wasn’t until much later that scientists began to clinically study the effects of white willow bark. That marked the beginning of the white willow bark that we know and love today!

Top 5 White Willow Bark Benefits

White willow bark has natural, anti-inflammatory properties which make it perfect for fighting the after-effects of booze.

Not only that, white willow bark also acts as a natural aspirin! That’s right! Bye-bye headaches! These are just two of the reasons we love us some white willow bark! There are many more...

White willow bark also has pain relieving properties, so not only is your headache treatable, but muscle pain and even menstrual cramps (what!?).

White Willow bark is also used for fevers, common colds.

It helps ease the pains of the flu!

So the next time you’re planning for the next party or festival, don’t forget to add MonkeyStuff to your shopping cart.

Festivals are fun. Drinking at festivals is even better! But being nasty-free? That…that is the dream. The dream of MonkeyStuff!